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The Versaform 4 handles the widest range of garments possible.
V3 Detail
New Clamp Design. Easy and Faster to Load.
versaform V4 Arm
Versaform V4
F3TB Collar & Cuff Press for Blouses
Small Blouses   •   Dresses  •  Sport Coats  •  Lab Coats  •  Linens  •   Men's Shirts  •   Polos  •  Silks  •   Casual Wear   •  Micro Fibers
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Recommended Versaform Layout

v3 Layout


One Operator V3 Layout

The F3TB is the ideal collar & cuff press to accompany the V3. The cuff bucks have a tighter radius and a closer center point to accommodate even the smallest blouse. Adding a 42RX Utility Press completes the work station making the perfect blend for production and quality.

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