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Dry Cleaning Presses and Finishing Equipment
Dry Cleaning Presses Feature...
Fast Smooth Operation   •   Microprocessor Controls with Self Diagnostics   •   Single Action Cylinder  •   Finger Tip Pressure Regulator   •  Rapid Steam Distribution   •  Wide Angle Head Opening
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DC46S Dry Cleaning Double Legger Press
DC46S Double Legger Press
DC46S Machine
Dry Cleaning Presses
42RX All Purpose Utility Press
Also available in 45"
46X Automatic Legger Utility Press
19MX 19" Mushroom Press
Hot Head Dry Cleaning Presses
42RXH Hot Head Utility Press
19MXH 19" Mushroom Hot Head Press
ATT Tensioning Pants Topper
TPF-PA Tensioning Pants Topper
STF Semi-Automatic Pants Topper
Auxiliary Equipment
SC1 Steam Box
Versaform V4 All-Purpose Tensioning Finisher
TUF-R Rotating Tensioning Form Finisher
ASF Form Finisher
SST Steam Spotting Board
VB Vaccuum Board
SST Machine
SST Roughing-In Drawing
Available with a stainless steel or glass top.
Puff Irons
PI-1 Single Head Puff Iron

PI-2 Two Head Puff Iron
PI-3 Three Head Puff Iron
Available with Fabric Heads and Vacuum
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Puff Iron Bucks Available
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